Sunday, June 28, 2009

DEAR DIARY: i'm so sick of this!

its one week from my last episode.. and once again... this time on a Wednesday night.. my hand felt tight. I had just cooked dinner. I made chicken and dumplings, a meal that requires a lot of stirring. While eating my yummy masterpiece it hit me.. extreme fatigue. I put my head on the table and did a mental inventory of what i needed to do before I could sleep.

I couldnt even take my tight jeans off. My daughter had to pull them of of me. I was just too tired....

So its been 24 hours, and luckily I am still walking normally. I can hide a lame hand.. years of this has taught me to be ambi-dextrous. But the constant dull aches from my finger tip to shoulder and the spontaneous spasms is getting old.

plus blogging with one hand takes a long time....


  1. Boy, do I feel your pain. Having dystonia in my hand has really sucked. I've been hiding my lame hand for more than four years now (seems longer). Most people (myself included--once) just don't realize how lucky they are to move normally.

    And, if you think it takes a long time to blog with one hand, try writing a novel or two. ;)

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