Who This Blog Is For

I launched this blog in 2009 as a way to educate people about dystonia. In the year that this blog was most active, I reached thousands of people and had over 8000 views.

In 2010, I stopped blogging as my symptoms went into remission and I was able to return to work. Health blogging, therefore, was no longer something I could do on a regular basis.

I have now decided to return to updating this blog, as I can see that it is still a source of information for many people. In the following weeks, I will be updating the categories and design of this site to reflect what I am currently able to write about.  To help offset the costs of maintaining this blog, I will be monetizing this blog. I did not want to do this, because I wholeheartedly believe that health information should be accessible to all. However, as I mentioned previously, I stopped maintaining this blog due to monetary restraints. I would not like that to happen again.

I will be making weekly posts, focused on useful information about developments in dystonia care, research and publicity. I hope to continue to provide a reliable source of online information about dystonia from a personal, yet credible point of view, suitable to patients, caregivers, and those seeking out more information.

There will not be a focus on my personal health, because everyone's dystonia situation is unique, and I do not want anyone self-diagnosing against my self-diagnosis =) I do believe however, that we can all find answers with shared resources.

I look forward to growing with the community I care so deeply about, and hope that you will support this projects.

Wishing everyone good health!