Monday, December 14, 2009

SELF HELP: Tap Away a NeuroMuscular Disorder... OK not Really

EFT -- Emotional Freedom Technique

I'd call it an interesting cross between energy work, acupuncture and meditation. EFT practically claims to cure anyone of anything!

Here is an article on how EFT 'cured dystonia'

Man with cervical dystonia uses EFT to cure himself

(scroll down a little)

On the page, the letter says the man was misdiagnosed with dystonia, and was actually suffering from intense stress which was causing his neck to be stiff. The EFT cured his stress which brought full range of motion back to his neck..


Well, Im not going to delve into the Stress/Dystonia discussion but I will reference this webpage about the Role of Relaxation and Mind-Body Exercises in Dystonia Treatment

Im not calling EFT a cure, just another pain management option.....

Now deciding whether or not you have dystonia or just a bad case of stress should be left to the experts.

Please remember:
  • #1 I am not a medical practitioner in any way.
  • #2 There is no cure for dystonia

and for goodness sake dont be silly and try any self help idea without consulting a doctor....


  1. My brother thought that this might work but not for me. The only thing that helps me is the love of my family and focusing on that love gives me the strength and purpose to get up each day. Thank you for sharing...maybe it actually could help someone. I would like to hear that story!

  2. I have friends who use EFT for psychological issues and allergies. They are very happy with it. Other than this story I have never heard of EFT being used for dystonia, but this websites' bold claim caught my attention :P

    I hope my self help postings actually do help someone who is dealing with pain, even if its just to put another possibility in their head.


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