Saturday, July 11, 2009

Self Help: Vacation

For those of us with a chronic illness its very easy to get bogged down with the daily realities of your condition. Especially if your chronic illness is debilitating and at times an invisible illness like mine, you find yourself hiding out in your home among the comforts of a bed and the Internet....

Or perhaps its just me:P

The best self help routine I have participated in is a little thing called: VACATION.

Sometimes removing yourself from the stresses in your life is the exact pain medication you need. I am in no way saying that a chronic illness such as dystonia is caused by stress... but I am saying a beautiful sunset, exotic food, or just a change of scenery can do wonders for piece of mind.

Now for some dystonics, the idea of tromping around when you're in a wheelchair or have a neck that only goes to the left might seem daunting, but a vacation doesnt have to mean the shores of Greece, it could mean a local park.. and for the dystonics like myself that are able to hide the spasms and contortions, but not the pain and fatigue of their basically invisible illness --- even more reason to literally drag yourself out of bed.

If you get away from your life and people who know you, you'll be surprised how much better you could feel. Less people will ask you questions about your illness (especially if they speak another language) and the only thing that matters is that you enjoy yourself. ...

Although many chronic illnesses have no cure.. fun is probably the closest thing to one.

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  1. This is so true! I have an invisible illness myself, and sometimes just getting away from it all works better than any medical treatment. It's also nice to think no one has to know you're ill on vacation, you just blend right in, no questions asked!

    And as for hiding at home with the comforts of bed and the, that's exactly what I'm doing now :P

    Good luck with everything!


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