Friday, June 26, 2009

DEAR DIARY: The irony of it all..

Most models are happy about ending up on an advertisement for a large company... but I'm not most models :P

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a message on facebook that he just saw me on a billboard in DC. .. upon further verification I could confirm that yes he did indeed see me on a billboard.. ironically enough for Medicaid.

This would have been less humorous if I wasnt currently on Medicaid due to the fact that I could no longer work due to my dystonia.. and had no income due to my dystonia... and needed Medicaid due to my dystonia....

When I took the picture a year ago for stock I never would have thought that it would end up promoting Medicaid...

ahh the dangers of stock photography :P

So now.. Im sort of a celebrity in DC promoting healthcare, yet I depend on the goodness of my state's taxpayers to pay for my medical bills.

There just has to be something WRONG with that picture!

..and dont get me started on my daughter's stock that ended up here:


  1. Actually, there's something right about it: Often when we see models, we think, "She doesn't really use/need/endorse that product." In your case, this is the unlikely face of Medicaid.
    Would be nice if the notoriety helped you "get more from your Medicaid," though . . .

  2. yeah, I have already contacted the company and told them my story.. In hopes that it would somehow either get me work... OR get me better health coverage.. They were receptive and surprisingly pleased that I use Medicaid and am an authentic model for it.

    Not holding my breath on the spokesperson gig though :P

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