Thursday, August 28, 2014

Confidence Can Build Awareness

While I was browsing the Internet I came across this young model hopeful, and it made me reflect on my own experiences. Winnie Harlow, a Next Top Model contestant has a disorder that causes her to look different from normal people. She has vitiligo. 

Instead of allowing this noticeable condition keep her from her dream, Winnie (who’s legal name is Chantelle Brown-Young) embraced her uniqueness. 

What can those with Dystonia learn from this? 

A lot. 

Winnie has not only brought into question what should be considered beautiful, she has also brought her condition, a rare autoimmune disease, to public attention. 

Dystonia is also sometimes considered unattractive. We are laughed at and ashamed of our contortions. 

It should stop. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We are strong, we are beautiful and we are human. 

This is how we will bring awareness.


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