Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SELF HELP: Marijuana???

Many have read the story of Montel Williams and his marijuana habit...

If not... here you go: Montel on TV some time ago talking about medical marijuana...

... but just to be clear... MS is not the same as dystonia! so why this post about it being a dystonia treatment?

Well because the US government agrees.

Statement from the National Institute of Health about marijuana and dystonia...

"Individual case studies have reported some benefit of smoked marijuana in treatment of dystonic states. Smoked marijuana or oral THC administrations for Parkinson's disease or Huntington's chorea have not been effective."

(and if you think 'high' dystonia patients sounds scary... talk to ones who take Anticholinergic Meds)

Now I wouldnt post a self help post that isnt actually do-able! Medical marijuana is legal in some states with a prescription.. generally speaking its the states on the left side of the country.

Below is a website with more information on legal requirements and obtaining a prescription:

Medical Marijuana Clinics


So here is the important information to gather from this self help post:
  • Possession of Marijuana is illegal
  • Smoking marijuana is clinically proven to possibly reduce dystonia symptoms
  • A prescription for Medical Marijuana is available in some states.

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  1. Both MS and dystonia are neurological disorders and that is why the naturally organic food that helped me 17 1/2 years ago, also helped sufferers of other neurological disorders.


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