Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DEAR DIARY: I survived January

Three Storms in one month! Can you believe it! Thats means 20% of January was spent at 50% capacity :P

I can actually tell a difference in the right side of my body now. Its weaker. I can only get through about a sink of dishes before I give up, or maybe 40 minutes of typing, before I take a break. I'm even getting tired holding my cell phone to my ear with my right hand while driving with my left. ..

Guess I'll be going handsfree.

I sent in my application to the National Institute of Health Dystonia study last week. My mom typed the letter for me, because I was in the midst of a dystonic storm.

I really hope that I dont lose my ability to type.. I already have my eyes set on the dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software..

Just as soon as I get a new computer with enough bang to run it!


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