Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DEAR DIARY: I have dystonia therefore Im NOT an alcoholic

One of the hardest things for me to deal with concerning my dystonia is telling people that alcohol helps me feel better. I always get the strangest looks or laughs when I say it.. Look at me- young and a little bit crazy, people assume that I am using the illness as an excuse to get tipsy..

Note: you never need an excuse to get tipsy

I however unlike most twenty somethings.. do not like to drink. I have seen alcoholism affect too many people in my life, and I have watched friends suffer through hangovers. I'll pass thanks. I therefore am a social drinker.. Only drinking if everyone else around me is ... AND I only have two drinks at most..

But, (not yet verified by genetic testing) I have myoclonus dystonia... and the best treatment for that is Guess What? Alcohol.

So here I have a double edged sword. Keep a stock of my favorite liquors and self treat myself with a tasty Margarita every 2 hours, or take extremely addictive highly toxic Chlonazepam to so soothe my symptoms... decisions decisions

My fear is that if I start on the alcohol option, it will become a crutch for not only my dystonia, but also the stress that dystonia causes.

I will never drink a glass of wine every night to help me sleep.. its just a bad habit that I dont want to start.

So until there are better treatments I choose be dystonic. I mean at least the left side of my body still works fine.

but if you see me at a party.. I'll probably have a drink in my hand. :P


  1. Yes, a danger all dystonians need to be wary off. Re clonazepam, whilst it is addictive if used recreationally, one does not become dependent if the use is to control pain important distinction..

  2. Alcohol helps with the dystonia? Interesting...

    And you're only an alcoholic if you go to meetings. I won't judge you otherwise.

    Not that I would to begin with. I've been know to enjoy a drink or 4. :-)

  3. Alcohol certainly eases pain and discomfort caused by dystonia, however, withdrawal effects aka hangover, may cause dystonia act up.


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